Full Polish Kit

At last, a collection of top quality products you need for the full 4-stage car
preparation programme.

Full Polish Kit

Full Polish Kit
Full Polish Kit

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Price (inc VAT): 150.00
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At last, a collection of top quality products you need for the full 4-stage car preparation programme.

LUXURY WASH 'N' WAX A mild yet effective shampoo, safe for all cars, with an extremely high concentration of natural Brazilian Carnauba wax. It’s salt free, neutral Ph, biodegradable formula leaves a lasting shine every time you wash, topping up the Carnauba wax on your car. Two capfuls per bucket provides a high foam solution which blitzes through dirt, bugs and grime on your car. Enough typically for 25 washes.
Replacement price £12.00

A powerful and effective paste polish for metal. Amazing on stainless such as exhausts, removing discolouration and blue on cars and motorbikes. Designed to remove scratches from alloy and stainless, titanium, brass, heavy chrome and highly polished wheels.
Replacement price £10.99

For surface preparation before fine waxing to remove, without abrasives, old wax, surface debris and discolouration and light marks. Designed to be quick and easy to both apply and buff in all weather conditions, including bright sunlight. It adds oils to weathered paint to refresh the colour. It is NON-ABRASIVE and dust-free, leaving a clean surface for subsequent waxing.
Replacement cost £15.00 for 250ml; £25.00 for 500ml

Gentle water-based cleaner with a treacle-like consistency, allowing good control of application. Thorough cleaning entirely suitable to modern, old and even vintage/classic leathers on seats, door trim and dashboards. Apply with a soft brush and wipe off.
Replacement cost £9.99

A fine and effective polish for fine chrome on classic cars and glass on all vehicles. It features an abrasive that is strong enough to remove the stains and debris, but one that breaks down, so as not to scratch the hard surface it is being applied to. Traditional metal polishes are far too coarse for quality Chrome and once the microscopically thin layer becomes scratched, it is the beginning of a continual deterioration that cannot be reversed. It is very easy to apply and remove, capable of removing even the very worst road film from windscreens and bloom and discolouration from chrome. Fills fine scratches to leave a bright crystal clear smear free finish. Its anti-dazzle formula improves night vision.
Replacement cost £7.99

Refresh the feel of your leather seats, making them feel soft and supple, revitalising dry and cracked seats which enhances their longevity and the value of your vehicle. Simple to apply, just leave to soak in and without any greasy residue. Leaves a matt looking original finish - will not make seats shiny.
Replacement cost £12.99

A superb gel which revitalises faded or bleached plastics and rubbers all around your vehicle, inside and out. Returns greyed bumpers and seals to rich matt black with only a fine film applied by soft cotton cloth. Use on tyres for a matt finish, engine bay plastics, cowls and shrouds, rubbers around windows, window and door seals, vinyl dashes and trim. It will last for months without flying off tyres when you drive away and doesn’t streak when rained on. Nor will it wash off despite being petroleum based like the surfaces it treats. Due to its amazing performance, a single bottle will last several years.
Replacement cost £8.99

Forget monthly waxing with this deep shining premium car wax which you will find a delight to apply and easily buff off, producing a lasting shine with great reflectivity on all paint types and ages. Totally safe on valuable sports and classic cars as it contains no abrasives abrasives nor silicones and lasts 3-4 months even on daily-driven vehicles. A jar will provide 30-35 applications. Contains 42% pure refined White Carnauba wax and smells of melons and fruits.
Replacement cost £45.00

Concours-class paste car wax for the connoisseur or individual who simply wants an incredible, wet gloss on his car which will bring out metallic flake and deep lustre with just a single coat. Multiple Concours wins in 2008-9 and gaining a worldwide following due to ease of use – it is soft and oily, which enhances paint colour and provides protection for vehicles for up to 6 months or more. Well over 50% Carnauba, again pure refined white, the highest grade which is usually found in products of at least twice the price.
Replacement cost £65.00

If you are storing your car over winter in an AirChamber, a coat of either wax before it goes away and one or two throughout the year will reward your care and investment.

Premium Peachskin Microfibre Cloth (£4.99), a Deep Pile Natural Sheepskin Wash Mitt (£8.99), Applicator Pad (£1.99), Microfibre Drying Towel (£8.99), three Microfibre Pocket Applicator Pads (£4.99), Rimwax (£14.99), Extra Long Wheel Brush, (£7.99), Set of 5 Soft Swiss-style Wheel Face Brushes (£5.49)