No matter what you are storing - a car or computer, a motorbike or a Matisse - even temporary storage can result in permanent damage.

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Could moisture be killing your car?

Unless you store your vehicle in a controlled environment - it most certainly will be; because nothing poses a bigger threat for the cherished car owner than corrosion caused by hidden moisture and constant condensation. That's why serious car collectors use the Airchamber to prevent long term damage to their vehicles. Easy to erect, economical to run (typically around 20 pounds per year) and simple to use. Twin fans force up to 50,000 litres of clean, filtered air across every surface of your vehicle evaporating moisture and banishing condensation.

Stop the Rot ...

The Airchamber works by circulating up to 50,000 litres of clean air per hour throughout the storage cell whilst electrostatic filters trap even the smallest airborne particles. In these conditions a rain soaked car is dried quickly - the breeze created by the air flow causing rapid evaporation just like on a washing line (it's like hanging your car out to dry). Evaporated moisture within the Airchamber is then allowed to escape with the airflow, exiting through the vents and closed zips. Replenished by fresh, filtered air from the fans, the environment will always remain fresh, as well as condensation-free (because rapid changes in temperature are prevented). With a virtually moisture-free atmosphere, rust and mould simply cannot develop; the reason we don't say totally moisture-free is because even 'dry' air contains a certain, natural amount of (desired) water vapour. This helps prevent materials like wood, leather and rubber from losing their natural qualities.

The airchamber difference

Air is drawn into Airchamber through filtered fan units. Re-circulating air currents dry object(s) inside. Excess moisture and stale air leave via zips and vents. Rigid internal frame allows drive-in drive-out daily use.
  • Prevents mildew, mould, rust, dust & moisture
  • Filters out harmful UV light
  • Protects against most accidental contact
  • Offers a degree of physical security
  • Keeps pets and children at bay
  • Super economical to run - all year round
  • Unique rigid 3D inner frame
  • Multiple sizes to cover most vehicles

Other popular uses... storage for:

  • Electrical Goods
  • Computer Equipment
  • Antiques
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Archives/Records
  • Clothing